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Automation of electronic tax documents

Product developed by Addvisor with the purpose of optimizing manual tasks, reducing costs, increasing compliance, improving the governance of your tax area.

AddTax Inbound/Outbound

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AddTax is a system designed to automate the receipt of electronic tax and non-tax documents. With the purpose of improving processing flows and streamlining the management of electronic tax documents, in order to mitigate possible problems in receipt. The solution was developed according to the best market practices, following the SAP architecture.

NF-e I Electronic invoice

The Electronic Invoice is a digital document, required by the federal government, which aims to document operations for the circulation of goods or the provision of services. In addition, the NF-e is valid in all states of the Federation.

Input Automation

The use of the Electronic Invoice makes commercial transactions among companies, as well as the delivery of goods, controlled by the Tax Authorities. Add Tax automates the entry of NF-e documents, in a fully configurable way, complying with the SAP Standard and the specific processes of each segment, thus facilitating their management.

  • Issuance of Electronic Invoices

The AddTax NF-e Outbound module has the ability to carry out the document issuance process according to the SAP standard being carried out by the user himself or by prescheduled transactions.

  • Receipt of Electronic Invoices

The NF-e Inbound module, performs the receipt, validation, storage and bookkeeping of electronic tax documents sent by suppliers, government entities and other elements defined by the company.

Benefits of NF-e tax automation with AddTAX

TCO reduction

Reduction of compliance costs

Reduction of Investments in the treatment of divergences

Process automation and optimization: tax, logistics, finance, accounting and purchasing

CT-e I Electronic Bill of Lading

More agility and safety for companies that carry out cargo and material transport activities.

This module of the AddTax solution was developed to assist the issuance of CT-e of companies that carry out the transport of loads and materials. The process is carried out entirely in a SAP environment and with the possibility of integration with Sefaz (Secretariat of Finance), using a middleware that best suits the company’s needs.

Electronic Bill of Lading

The solution allows the electronic sending and receiving of the CT-e, already validated by Sefaz, in accordance with current requirements. You can also store, scan and manage documents at any time. Finally, the system allows the unification of data related to information issued by carriers.

  • Issuance of CT-e

AddTaxs CT-e module supports the issuance of Normal or Contingency CT-e, in Production and Homologation environments, performing parameterization without the need for coding for any change in Sefaz ls layout

  • CT-e reception

Our solution was developed to store all CT-es of service providers, either in a network directory, in SAP itself or in the cloud. The employee responsible for receiving will have an intuitive tool with icons that allow the identification of search filters.

Benefits of CT-e tax automation with Add TAX

Reduced printing, shipping and document storage costs

Less time for Vehicles to stop at Border tax posts

Reduction of bookkeeping errors due to incorrect typing on bills of lading

Simplification of ancillary obligations, such as the exemption from AIDF (Authorization to print Tax Documents)

NFS-e I Electronic Invoice for Services

The solution for NFS-e automates the process of issuing and receiving electronic service invoices, following SAP engineering and architecture criteria. In addition, it complies with all compliance standards and the legislation of all municipalities.

Secure Storage

Thanks to 100% SAP technology, storage is carried out safely, with digital certificate and distributed printing. Our solution also meets the conceptual model for issuing and receiving invoices established by the Brazilian Association of Capital Finance Secretariats (Abrasaf), which standardizes the NF-e communication mechanism in the country.

  • Issue of NFS-e

The issuance of Electronic Service Invoices is done in SAP ECC, according to the sales orders already invoiced and after the Invoice is issued (Jl B3n). The layout model varies according to each Municipality, so it is used according to their integration manuals.

  • NFS-e Reception

The reception of electronic files (XML) can be carried out by e-mail or upload, depending on the availability of each municipality, in zipped or separate files. Our solution is also able to receive documents in TXT (text), PDF, JPEG and city hall link format in the body of the email, leading to an HTML file.

Benefits of NFS-e Tax Automation with AddTAX

Reduction in the costs of printing, sending and storing documents

Logistics planning for the early reception of
CT-e information

Simplification of ancillary obligations, such as AIDF

Eliminates the typing of knowledge during the reception process

MD-e I Manifestation of the Electronic Recipient

The Recipient’s Manifestation allows the recipient of the electronic Invoice to manifest itself in relation to an NF-e issued to its CNPJ. Our solution allows the information of the notes to be manifested to be obtained through a search of the national environment database, by importing the XML file or through the access key.

Awareness of the Issue and Operation Confirmation

The first event, Awareness of the Issue, is optional and can be performed to declare that the recipient knows about the existence of the issue described in the NF-e, but still does not have enough elements to present a conclusive statement.

The second, Operation Confirmation, exists to confirm the occurrence of the operation described in the Electronic Invoice and the receipt of the goods.

  • Operation not performed

In this manifestation, the recipient can declare that the operation described in the NFe was requested, but did not take place. Processing can be done by the operation user or pre-scheduled transactions.

  • Ignorance of the operation

The recipient may declare, in this manifestation option, that the operation described in the electronic Invoice was not requested by him. In this case, the XML message will be signed with a digital certificate that has the author’s CNPJ.

Benefits of MD-e tax automation with AddTAX

Meets issuing and receiving legislation

Reduction of time spent on operational tasks

Low implementation cost

Proactive monitoring of NF-e issued

MDF-e I Manifestation of the Recipient of Tax Documents

The AddTax module on MDF-e aims to automate the issuance of the paper document, with the issuer’s digital signature, simplifying the taxpayer’s ancillary obligations and real-time monitoring of commercial operations by the tax authorities.

Purpose of MDF-e

Our solution aims to speed up the batch registration of tax documents in transit and identify the cargo unit used and other transport characteristics. Bearing in mind that the authorization to use the MDF-e will imply a subsequent registration of the events, in the related electronic tax documents.

  • Issuance of MDF-e

The Declaration of the Recipient of Tax Documents must be issued by companies providing transport services or by other companies involved in the operations, that the transport is carried out in their own, leased vehicles, or by contracting an autonomous cargo carrier, with more than one invoice.

  • Automation

AddTax helps companies automate the entry and exit of tax documents, in addition to facilitating their management and storage.

Benefits of MDF-e Automation with Add TAX

TCO reduction

Reduction of compliance costs

Reduction of Investments in the treatment of divergences

Process automation and optimization: tax, logistics, finance, accounting and purchasing

NF3-e I Electricity Invoices

The Electric Energy Invoice is a tax document issued and stored in electronic format, with the objective of documenting electric energy operations. Its legal validity is guaranteed by means of a digital signature made by the issuer and its use authorization is made by the tax administration of the taxpayer’s federated unit.

Mandatory in 2022

As of 2022, the Electric Energy Invoices become an obligation for energy distribution companies. Because of that, we created a unique module for this document inside AddTax.

  • NF3-e issuance

The AddTax module can issue Electric Energy Invoices according to the layout of the Taxpayer Manual.

  • NF3-e capture

The Electric Energy Invoices module can capture and validate documents.

Benefits of NF3-e tax automation with AddTAX

TCO reductiona

Reduction of compliance costs3

Reduction of Investments in the treatment of divergencess

Process automation and optimization: tax, logistics, finance, accounting and purchasing

DOC-e I Non-Tax Documents

The DOC-e module works in the capture, storage and management of non-tax documents on the AddTax platform. From this, we guarantee the accessibility, productivity and cost reduction of this process.

Storage and Management

Organizations and business transactions generate a large amount of documents that need to be stored, retrieved and manipulated, which is why Addvisor created the DOC-e module for Add Tax.

  • DOC-e Entry

The DOC-e module follows the same philosophy as the others within Add Tax, it automates the entry of non-tax documents, facilitating their management.

  • SAP

The features of the Non-Tax Documents module are 100% optimized in a SAP environment.

Benefits of DOC-e tax automation with AddTAX

TCO reduction

Reduction of compliance costs

Reduction of Investments in the treatment of divergences

Process automation and optimization: tax, logistics, finance, accounting and purchasing.


Why choose Addvisor?

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LATAM Service

Addvisor does not only serve in the national territory, the company has customers in more than 10 countries in Latin America.

SAP Partnership

Addvisor is a SAP partner, with experience to meet highly complex demands and with quality assurance in the services performed.

NF3-e service

We comply with the Electric Energy Service Notes transacted by SEFAZ, which will be an obligation for energy companies in 2022.

Market experience

We have 17 years of experience in the management and technology solutions market, shaping our services based on customer needs.

Experience S/4 Hana

The solutions developed by Addvisor are certified and meet the best practices required by the market.

Inbound and Outbound Solution

The 100% SAP solution Addtax aims to Automate the Input and Output of Documents in SAP, providing strong improvements in Compliance and Governance issues, helping in the Document Management of your company.

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